The Voyerist is a project initiated by Michela Alessandrini and Ekaterina Shcherbakova.

It presents the artist as a person and diffuses their anecdotes as complementary to his/her works. It fosters a relational approach to individual creation. It estimates that the human behind the idea is part of the idea itself. It definitely believes in curiosity.

It gathers anecdotes about art and offers an intimate look at the heart of artistic creation. It aims to provoke a wider discussion about art and reveal the voyeuristic attitude of current art trends, taking a stand towards a full assumption of art system’s codes. Far from a gossip-level interest, The Voyerist does not look for shocking confessions, nor for the artist's predominance over the artwork - it rather more believes in curiosity as a way to mediate.

The Voyerist is searching for artists willing to tell anecdotes indirectly related to their practice. Contributors may participate by emailing a video, a text, a sound recording, an image, etc. to Only contributions of up to 100-150 words for text or 3 minutes for audio/video will be accepted. As for the texts, the language is up to the contributor - as long as an English translation is provided. Selected artists will be notified upon receipt of their application (that must include artist's portfolio, contribution and cover image).  

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